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never like to be defined. because i define things.

Another Asian fusion by yours truly. 
Today I present Taiwan Sausage + Pickled Veg + Egg Risotto(fermented beadcurd) 

#trulyasian #justadinnerbuticomplexit #thetasteisawesome #itsreallygood
Whoa. The amount of money I spent on my hair. Majority is done by my stylist/army brother @kelvinyeoo #kelthehairstylist 

#hairfashion #haircolour #hairvolution #crazy #quarterlifecrisis
Whoa. Major #throwback 

When I am bored and compiled my photos. Ohmaigawd. I cannot…. #whatagingdotome
Leftover sauce, rice and ikan bilis. I present ikan bilis risotto. 

#whereeastmeetswest #asianfusion #act yige #justadinnerbuticomplexit
Was out with the boys to get their dance pants. This is wad we did while the queue for the food was an hour long. Oh god. #minutetowinit #fiftycentsstack
Trying new menu. Hope it don’t disappoint.
Random photo shoot while we are at @nzrh house. Thanks @5__am
The brunch menu of the day. Sio bak fried rice.
This is the max I can filter without looking too distorted. 

Gathering to say farewell to Dennis and @cmantapk because this week is their start of NSF. 

To CK who is in now, I hope Tekong is not burning today. 

To Dennis, Thursday is your turn. Left 3 days of civilian life. 

Hope both of them get the top 5 shiong company. Because I was in Taurus and it was hell of an experience.
Egg And bread toast sandwich thing.
Hello Monday
Ok. Because I was bored. So I went t spam likes. And she returned the favour. HAHAHAHAHA
Seafood risotto 
Beefy salad
Beefy salad