design. dance.

never like to be defined. because i define things.

Escalator #selfie
Hop on a train with army deco. #howfarwouldyougo with my assault bag, and me.
Just another Wednesday in my office. Lowered my screen. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š cos then I spy w my eyes who is coming.
Grow plant grow
Allow me to introduce. My super fan. @devosacharming so shocked to many likes in the morning. I know. It’s #lategram now
When I am getting sleepy and my office is cold.
Tell me how t go home. How.
Hamster food for lunch…
Taken on the boat ride… Freling tourist.
Last stop. #SingaporeCruiseRide
MBS #SingaporeCruiseRide
Merlion. Roarrrrrrr #SingaporeCruiseRide
Front row seats
Typical tourist ride. #SingaporeCruiseRide